Monday, November 22, 2010

Still not updating like I should . . .

So, as you might have noticed, I am not updating like I should. No real excuses, as our internet at home is fixed, I just can't get motivated to get it done. Its crazy working 40 hrs a week, commuting another 10, and trying to chase a toddler. And guess what? We are going to be adding to the mix next July! I am so excited, but scared. We haven't told anyone yet. I go to the doctor tomorrow to start with the prenatal stuff, and we have a shirt for Roo that says "I'm going to be a big sister". We are going to have her wear it into the B's parents house Wednesday night when we go down. I think I am going to text a pic of it to my mom and sister after my appt tomorrow. We will see. So far, no real sickness. Some things are totally grossing me out, just like last time. And my boobs are killing me. They seem huge too, just like with Roo. I am really hoping for another girl, since I have 9807 pcs of girls clothes. One thing I am super excited about is cloth diapering a newborn. I started with Roo when she was about 14 months, so I never got to snap down the rises, or deal with BF poo. I just hope between now and then I can convince B that it is a good idea. I added it up yesterday and in just the first 6 months, we could save at least $300. I think I am going to tell him if we can do this, we can save that money for a horse trailer. Or a saddle. That may convince him.

Anyways, don't tell my family! Its a secret until tomorrow! I will update after the holidays to let you all know how it went.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I have been terrible about updating this lately. I have been so freakin' busy and our internet at home is not working correctly so I have to do all my internet stuff at work or on my phone. But, I will try to be better again.

Did you see the segment on CBS about cloth vs disposable? I could never get it to pull up but from I read, it was somewhat biased. The "doctor" they interviewed pretty much said cloth was bad for babies. Really? Cotton isn't bad for adults, what makes it bad for babies? But, on the flip side, the reporter who was on the segment, is trying cloth for 30 days. A bunch of different companies have donated diapers to her and she says she is commited to it. Her blog is mommybeta. Look it up and lets all help her succeed!

Loosing weight part duex

So, Mami's and Papi's, one of my fav diaper stores, is doing their Nov/Dec challenge. It involves logging into and logging what you eat, when you excersise. Basically, we are trying to stay fit during the holidays. I haven't been doing very good. But today, I walked for 45 minutes and got an extra 700 calories. Yay! We are all trying to encourage each other and help stay on track. Come on over and join us!