Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Selling Fluff

I am selling off some of my fluff tonight! In my quest to find the *perfect* diapering system, I bought a lot of stuff that either wasn't right for us, didn't fit or we didn't like. So I am doing my best to sell it off to other Crunchy Mamas in my area. Whenever I sell some of my fluff, I try to education the mamas on things I have learned about. Sometimes, though, they teach me. I love it.

The problem tonight is that I am meeting Daddy, not mama. I hope he is crunchy but am a little concerned. He didn't want to buy my cloth diaper lot because it was "too girly". Granted, there are several inserts that are pink and 3 covers that are pink, but mostly everything I have bought has been neutral. I don't want a future son in pink! I don't know what changed their minds, but I had hoped to talk to Mama about it. Oh well. At least I am selling all of it. They are getting a great deal, too, even with girly prints. And with this money, I will pay for the new fluff I should be getting in the mail this week and in a couple weeks. This is addicting!

Wash Routine

So I *think* I finally have my cloth diaper wash routine down. We have no smells, no leaks and no repelling. I bought new Whirlpool Duet front loader washer and dryer after Roo was born because my old top loaders died. Love them for regular clothes, but it has been interesting to figure out how to wash my fluff.

I start with a cold rinse/spin to get yuckies out. Then I run "whitest whites" (which, for my washer is the hottest cycle with the most water) with a small amount of detergent. I am trying out new ones right now, currently using Allen's. More about that later. Then I run a quick wash with hot water. If I don't see any bubbles, I hang my pockets up and dry my AIO's and inserts on medium. If I see bubbles, I run another quick wash with hot water. If there are STILL bubbles, I run another cold rinse/spin. That usually takes care of it. Sometimes I will add a little white vinegar to the rinse cycle to cut smells.

If I need to strip them (not very often), I do all of this, but with Dawn and maybe a touch of bleach. I usually add a couple of extra rinses, mostly hot.

So, I ordered a trial thing of cloth diaper safe soaps a while back. I tried the Rockin Green first because I had heard so many good things about it. Loved it! It was clear after the quick wash cycle, so there was no need for another rinse. I am now using Allen's. Not very impressed. I have had to run at least 2 extra quick wash cycles and once an additional cold rinse/spin. I don't know if I am adding too much or its just hard to rinse out, but I am not really impressed. I think I have enough left of it for 2 more loads, and then onto the next trial. I think I have tiny bubbles and Charlies left.

That's it for now. God Bless

Monday, May 24, 2010

First Day

So I keep reading everyone else's blogs and thought I would give it a try. Hello World! I am a 28 year old mother of one amazing daughter. I am married to an incredible man who refuses to "go green". We started cloth diapering when the monkey was about 14 months old due to a terrible diaper rash. I am now doing it part time and love it! I have learned a lot on this adventure.

Let's see how this goes!