Friday, October 22, 2010

Dora The Explorer

So, I am planning Miss Roo's 2nd birthday bash and decided to go with Dora. She is a favorite right now and Roo gets so excited to see her. So we are getting bright colored plates, cups, tablecloth and napkins, as well as a Dora centerpiece and some fun totes for gifts. Probably only going to have 3 little kids, a couple of bigger kids and the aunts and uncles, but it will be fun anyways. I will probably just make her cake again, save a few bucks that way. But I am very excited. Last year, she just didn't care about her birthday, but this year, it will be way entertaining. I know she will want the gifts and loves cake, so I can't wait.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Busy Busy

Well, it seems like lately everything is busier and busier. I am trying to get ready for Christmas and Roo's birthday. I think I am almost done with her gifts, but only maybe halfway with the rest of everybody. This weekend is the big craft fairs, including War Eagle. I am very excited. Its supposed to be beautiful. I think I can get a few more gifts bought and maybe a couple of people done.

My sissy told me last week she is PREGGERS! I am so happy for her. She has also expressed interest in cloth diapering. I can't believe it. I think I am going to seperate the ones I bought for SIL out and give some to sissy. I have bunches and it would still be great gifts for both of them. I may order some Rockin Green from Mami's and Papi's for both of them too. Love Mami's and Papi's. They have free shipping on almost everything and excellent customer service.

What else has been going on? Well, we are still TTC#2, but I just don't think this is our month again. I took a test the other day and it had half of a positive line, but none of the others have showed anything. I do know that I am bloated and my boobs HURT. Like I can't wait at night to get the bra off kind of hurt. AF is due around the 19th, so hopefully know then.

Alright, back to work.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

New BumGenius Prints!

Ack, my previous post disappeared! I am so excited about the bumgenius prints. I love the new 4.0's with snaps and was trying to wait and see what kind of prints they came out with. Well, I like them. They are kinda funky and gender neutral. Go check them out!

Monday, October 4, 2010

What a weekend!

Whew, I am kind of glad its Monday. How sad is that? DH has been hurting all weekend from his TMJ and passed out and fell on Saturday. Yay us, we got to spend all afternoon in the ER. But, nothing life threatening. He is going to see his doctor and dentist today about this.

On top of this, we are all sick. Roo, DH and me have a cold. Nothing major, just a seasonal thing, but we are all blah. Yesterday we did nothing. Well, I did laundry, but that is it. We laid around, watched TV and cuddled. Kind of nice. I did manage to strip my diapers. The covers weren't too bad, but the inserts. Wow. Smell of urine right out of the dryer. So I took all the micro terry inserts out and ran them through with some bleach. And extra hot rinses. Finally, clean. And they are all fluffy and stain free. I just ran the covers and pockets through with some of my fav, Rockin' Green. They have been awesome lately. No repelling, no stink and no stains. Yay for RnG.

I have been selling stuff on Ebay for a little while now. Mostly little things that I have bought for dirt cheap at yard sales or estate sales. So far, I have made almost $100! I can't believe it. I just listed about 30 more things, so hopefully it gives us a couple extra hundred. That would be awesome. DH makes fun of me, but I think he will stop when he realizes just how much I am making.

No real news on the baby front. I should be ovulating today or tomorrow, so hopefully we can mesh our schedules and take some time to work on this project. I really think if it doesn't work this month or next, we might want to wait a little bit. I really don't want another Christmas baby or to be huge in the late summer. Its just way too hot here. But we'll see. If its God's will, it will happen.