Monday, March 28, 2011

Night Diapers part 2

So, we have still be working on our nighttime diaper solution. As I said before, Miss Roo is a heavy wetter and sleeps for at least 11 hours at a go. She is 2 years old and no where near potty training. So, we do what we can. I put her in a Sustainablebabyish or Sloob fitted the night before last. It was a snapless fitted. This was the second night with that particular diaper. The first night, I just used the 2 boosters that were included. It was a disaster! Totally soaked by morning, it was a pain trying to figure out the Snappi. FAIL. But, I tried again. I added an extra booster, used a different cover and mastered the Snappi. This morning, DRY. Yippee!! The diaper was soaked through, but at least her jammies were completely dry. Woohoo! And after fighting with the Snappi last night, I think I have it figured out. We have also done another night in our Goodmamas. I always think there is no way they will work. The fit is super tiny on my huge toddler, but in the morning, she is dry. She does get really mad when I cover up her pretty diapers with a cover. Its funny. I don't think she understands the whole cover idea, since we normally use pocket diapers. But, she doesn't have the major issues with prefolds, maybe because I lay them in the cover and it goes on like her pockets. Still, toddler diapering is an interesting adventure. I am still collecting my newborn stash for Bitty Babe. So far, I have 4 tiny fitted diapers, 18 newborn prefolds, 12 infant prefolds, 5 small covers. I also have 12 Rumparooz OS pockets. I was going to get some Lil' Joeys, but since Miss Roo was so big at birth, I don't think they will fit for long enough. So, I got some RaRz and I really think they will work well. Oh, I am so excited to use cloth on a bitty baby. We didn't start on Miss Roo until she was 14 months old. I think this is all for this part of Night Diapers. More to come at a later date.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Overnight Diapers part 1

So, we have been cloth diapering for about a year now and mostly have everything figured out. Nighttime is a different animal. Miss Roo typically sleeps 10-12 hours and is a heavy wetter. I have tried a pocket diaper stuffed with a microfiber insert and a trifolded hemp insert with no luck. I had finally resorted to a Rainforest babies hemp prefold with a Ozy Cozy toddler sized prefold wrapped around it with a cover over the top. This does work, but its so freaking bulky that I hated to put it on the princess too much before bed. I have been on the lookout for another solution.

I came across Spot's Corner, which is a place for mamas to sell their gently used diapers to other mamas. There were tons! I went a little crazy and became totally obsessed. I really only bought 4, so its not as bad as it sounds. I bought 3 Goodmama fitteds and one Sustainablebabyish or Sbish OBV snapless fitted. I soaked them overnight in Rockin' Green and washed them, anxious to see if one of these would be our new nighttime solution. As soon as they were dry, which seemed to take a lot longer than my pocket inserts or hemp, I put Miss Roo to bed in a Goodmama fitted with a Wonderwrap over the top. Then off to bed we went. The next morning--DRY. Oh my gosh. I opened up that cover and the fitted was completely soaked, but her jammies were dry. Okay, I thought, we will try it again and see if maybe this was just a fluke. So last night, we tried it again. A Goodmama fitted with a Wonderwrap cover over the top. And she drank a ton before bed. I thought there was no way she would be dry this morning. But she was!! Again the diaper was soaked, but nothing else was. I have 3 of these now and they may be our solution.

I do have a couple of things I don't really like about them. First off, they need a cover. Miss Roo doesn' t understand that her pretty diaper has to be covered, so its a bit of a fight every night. Second, the rise isn't very high and since Roo is so tall, they don't fit real great. But, they do snap and she doesn't seem uncomfortable or in pain from them. Third, and finally, they do take a lot longer to dry. I guess its cause all the layers, but also the snap in soakers take forever. At least 2 cycles in the dryer, and sometimes have to hang the rest of the way dry. Really, this isn't a problem, since I have 3 but it kind of annoys me.

I have tried my Sbish fitted for one night, but I don't think I have given it a fair shot yet, so I am going to hold off reviewing it until then.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Week 23

Well, we are more than halfway done with the baby baking. On Friday, I will be 23 weeks. We set a date for the C-section and have picked a name. I moved Miss Roo to the bigger room, and got her twin bed set up, with new Dora bedding. She still prefers the crib converted to the toddler bed, but we have time to work on that. I have got my newborn cloth diaper stash worked out, I think. I have a dozen and a half nb prefolds, a dozen infant prefolds, 5 small covers and a few nb fitteds. I also sold off some of the diapers we were not reaching for, and got 8 new Rumparooz. I received 3 over the weekend and the other 5 should be here tomorrow. So total, I should have 12. These diapers have the shortest rise of any OS pocket, so I think they will be great for the nb stage. We will probably use the pfs and covers at home and save the RaR for going out. The great thing about the RaR, well, 2 great things, is they still fit Miss Roo, at 28 months, 37 inches tall and 34 pounds and they have these awesome double gussets to hold EBF poo in. Super excited to try them on a newborn.

We also had a baby shower for my SIL this weekend. MIL, GMIL and I went in and got her 12 brand new Kawaii pocket diapers. She was thrilled!! She was hugging them and went on and on about it. I had also got her 3 other new diapers, and she ordered another 3. So 18 new diapers, and she probably had another 6 or 8 ones I had sold her. The shower also gave me the opportunity to show off some of my diapers and explain how they worked. People were grossed out at first, and I heard from several, including a pregnant cousin, that they couldn't do that cause they work full time. Haha, I put that myth down quickly. I told them I worked full time, commuted another 10 hours a week and I did it. I said that it really only adds 3 loads a week, which is nothing compared to what other people in the house create (um, DH). They were impressed about how cute they were and how easily they went on the baby. Of course, I had some cute ones with me, so that always helps. I told everyone who was thinking about another baby to get with me if they were thinking about it. We also talked about how inexpensive they are, and how long you can use they for. Pretty fun times, at least for me.

Otherwise, things are pretty good. B got a job and started last week. He is really liking it, which I know makes him feel better. He is finally on an anti-depressent/anxiety med that is helping, so he wants to take it. He seems generally better. He has been sleeping again, helping more, and talking about things. In another week or so, he starts some really intensive therapy to help him deal with the PTSD, so that will be interesting. I am a little nervous that it will bring up stuff he doesn't want to talk about, but its supposed to also teach him how to deal and function with it. It sounds like a great program, but I guess we will see.

Nothing else really going on. Its finally spring, so we have been leaving windows open and Miss Roo never wants to be inside. I had to bribe her to come in and nap yesterday. The babysitter was bribing the kids today. She said if they are good, they get to play outside later. Its supposed to be around 75 degrees today. And sunny. Always feel better when the sun is shining.

God is so great in my life. I hope I can continue to serve Him.