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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Selling Fluff

I am selling off some of my fluff tonight! In my quest to find the *perfect* diapering system, I bought a lot of stuff that either wasn't right for us, didn't fit or we didn't like. So I am doing my best to sell it off to other Crunchy Mamas in my area. Whenever I sell some of my fluff, I try to education the mamas on things I have learned about. Sometimes, though, they teach me. I love it.

The problem tonight is that I am meeting Daddy, not mama. I hope he is crunchy but am a little concerned. He didn't want to buy my cloth diaper lot because it was "too girly". Granted, there are several inserts that are pink and 3 covers that are pink, but mostly everything I have bought has been neutral. I don't want a future son in pink! I don't know what changed their minds, but I had hoped to talk to Mama about it. Oh well. At least I am selling all of it. They are getting a great deal, too, even with girly prints. And with this money, I will pay for the new fluff I should be getting in the mail this week and in a couple weeks. This is addicting!

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