Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Holiday Weekends

Happy belated Memorial Day! It was a good weekend, but needed to be longer. As usual. Got to spend all 3 days with baby girl. We tried to use the potty, but she is just not ready yet. We will try again next month.

This holiday weekend marked the 3rd anniversary of my father's death. It was harder this year, I think, than in years past. Maybe because Roo is getting so big and he is missing everything. I don't really know. I had a good cry and remembered good things about him.

On a plus side, I was able to cloth diaper all weekend! Roo only one disposable when Daddy changed her and 2 swim diapers. We even wore cloth to the the lake. And oh boy, what an adventure that was. Some people were commenting on her diaper and how gross it was to let kids swim in diapers. Unfortunatly I didn't hear it. I was in enough of a rough place, I would have let her have it. Probably a good thing, because then my husband would have had to arrest me for disorderly conduct.

Anyways, thanks to all the Veterans and those serving. I appreciate it all.

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