Monday, March 28, 2011

Night Diapers part 2

So, we have still be working on our nighttime diaper solution. As I said before, Miss Roo is a heavy wetter and sleeps for at least 11 hours at a go. She is 2 years old and no where near potty training. So, we do what we can. I put her in a Sustainablebabyish or Sloob fitted the night before last. It was a snapless fitted. This was the second night with that particular diaper. The first night, I just used the 2 boosters that were included. It was a disaster! Totally soaked by morning, it was a pain trying to figure out the Snappi. FAIL. But, I tried again. I added an extra booster, used a different cover and mastered the Snappi. This morning, DRY. Yippee!! The diaper was soaked through, but at least her jammies were completely dry. Woohoo! And after fighting with the Snappi last night, I think I have it figured out. We have also done another night in our Goodmamas. I always think there is no way they will work. The fit is super tiny on my huge toddler, but in the morning, she is dry. She does get really mad when I cover up her pretty diapers with a cover. Its funny. I don't think she understands the whole cover idea, since we normally use pocket diapers. But, she doesn't have the major issues with prefolds, maybe because I lay them in the cover and it goes on like her pockets. Still, toddler diapering is an interesting adventure. I am still collecting my newborn stash for Bitty Babe. So far, I have 4 tiny fitted diapers, 18 newborn prefolds, 12 infant prefolds, 5 small covers. I also have 12 Rumparooz OS pockets. I was going to get some Lil' Joeys, but since Miss Roo was so big at birth, I don't think they will fit for long enough. So, I got some RaRz and I really think they will work well. Oh, I am so excited to use cloth on a bitty baby. We didn't start on Miss Roo until she was 14 months old. I think this is all for this part of Night Diapers. More to come at a later date.

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