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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Selling Gold

So M is bringing some gold in for me to sell today. I am dying to know how much it is worth. While I am waiting, I have been shopping. What for? you ask. Diapers! I have a custom BottomBumpers from Little Squigglers picked out. Thinking yellow dipe with "my daddy my hero" embrodered. Yes, I am still trying to get him on board with this and that way, if we start ttc #2, we have a good stash built up.

I will update when we find out how much we are getting.

Otherwise, rocked another soak last night. Not really impressed. Stains were lighter, but not gone and water was cloudy but nothing outrageous. I am going to try this weekend with some towels or B's uniform.

Alright, I think lunch is done.

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