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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Weight lose and cloth diapers

My sister and I challenged each other to a weight loss contest last night. First one to lose 10 lbs gets a $10 gift card from the other. So, I am doing the only thing that works for me. Low carb. Now, I know that its supposed to be bad for you. But, its the only diet that works for me. Plus, I am going to try and walk everyday on my lunch break or after work. I just need to get off my fat ass and do something. I am sick of being so fat and having nothing fit right or look good. I am sick of my husband not being interested in me. I don't want to be a fat mom. So, I am doing something about it. I will keep you updated on the contest and the weight loss.

On a different note, I think that I am going to have to bleach my diaper inserts. Yikes. The smell is overwhelming. Even after running extra rinses and washes with Rockin' Green, they still stink. I guess I will work on this sometime this weekend.

Other than that, I think I may have my SIL talked into trying cloth for this next baby. I sent her home with 3 of my diapers to try out. And I have another one for her. I showed her all of mine and she was really interested. I showed her how easy they are to use and told her to call me before she washed so I could walk her through it. I told her that if I can do it, working full time, driving another 10 hours a week and doing everything else I gotta do, she absolutely can do it too. I really hope she will. She tends to have babies with really sensitive skin and it would be so much better for their skin.

Alright, getting to back to work.

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