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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Drug Addicts

So, did everyone know that once who get flagged as a doctor hopper, you are pretty much screwed? This happened to Darling Husband today. He is NOT a doctor hopper or a pill popper, but has had a few different things recently that have required pain medicine. So, he calls today to get a refill and goes in to the medicine and is told, nope, sorry, no drugs for you. Awesome. Now, keep in mind, he is a deputy sheriff and is drug tested and has to stay clean for his career. But, try telling that to anybody. Or for that matter, getting anyone to help you figure this out. And now, because he has been called a dope head and liar, he is so far down in the dumps, I am worried about him. So what can we do? Probably nothing, because if we put up a stink, the DEA gets involved, which gets his department involved. Awesome again.

On the flip side of him being accused of being a drug addict, he is probably going to be a narcotics officer sometime in the near future. So, this will mean more money for our family, most nights and weekends together and way more stress for the mama. No wonder I have so many issues.

Oh well. On a happier note, the weather has been awesome this week. And I have won almost $2 to my favorite store, Mami's and Papi's! They do giveaways all the time on their Facebook page and its so much fun. Really like a family.

Alright. Time to get off here and think about picking Roo up.

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