Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day 2

Today was day 2 of the M & P's happiness challenge. It was a pretty darn good day. Spent it with DH and Miss Roo again, because the office was closed again. On the plus side of the office being closed, found out that all county offices were closed, so I got paid to stay home! Yay me! But, tomorrow the court house is supposed to be open, so no pay, but I have a sick day I can use. Plus, I just sold a Mommy Necklace to a marine wife, so that is extra money. And I am still not spending money on gas, so thats great.

We had pizza for dinner, which rocks this preggo's world. All in all, a pretty nice day. The sun was out, spent the day with my family, which we never get enough time for. Watched some movies with Hubs, so that was nice. Just a good, uplifting day.

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