Monday, February 28, 2011

Last day of the Month

Well, this has been a great day so far. Miss Roo and I got up on time to get to work and daycare, but Roo had a slight fever. B had an interview, so I had to stay home. But thats ok, didn't use gas and got to spend the day with her. B's interview went great, he is offically employed again! Its not anything great, just working for a lawn fertilizer place, but ITS A JOB!! He starts as soon as they get his background check and drug test back. Hopefully next week. He then went and talked to the city prosecutor about the legal issues. Pretty much, he was told it will NOT go on his record. And not to worry about it. There is a little more to it, but its complicated and pretty much relates to his good relationship with the PA's office.
Otherwise, the sun is shining, I was able to pay all the bills we had due right now today with B's last check from the Sheriff's office. And we still have my check tomorrow, a Money Order we bought for a shed that we are not getting and all of our tax return.
Alright, all in all, I think I have done pretty good this month. Its been rough, but I keep trying to find the good things that are happening. Yeah, B got arrested and resigned, but he is getting treatment for all his mental issues. He is happier than I have seen him in a while. Miss Roo is loving all this extra time with her daddy. She can't get enough of him. I am not as stressed as I thought I would be. This was a good month, colored by some bad that lead to more good.

God is Great! Thanks to Him for everything.

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