Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Second week

Well, some good news yesterday. B met with a friend, who is going to help him some different parts of his life, including his resume. He was given homework, which included reading his bible and talking to me. He also met with a pastor friend, who prayed with him. He said it was the most positive day he had had in a long time. He also got a call last in the evening, which turned out to be a job interview. Just a phone one, but still. It was awesome.

Its still rough, trying to go day to day. But we are figuring out what has to change, what we can do without. We have decided that B will wait out the internal, and hopefully he can go to them, and resign after. That way he keeps his credentials and if the charge is dropped, he can possibly go back into law enforcement if he so wishes.

I am still trying to find the good in everything. Like last night Roo had a fever, so she could not go to daycare today. Thankfully, B had to be home anyway, so I didn't have to use sick time or take unpaid time. That was a very good thing. Also, trying to remember funny things that happened that night, like asking one of the officers to pick our Dixie dog up so M could get her dog out to the car. Or handing that officer my gun that I keep in my dresser and his eyes getting huge, because he expected a small gun and I handed him a .45 caliber 1911.

So, we are making it. Big changes are in store for us, but that isn't nessessarily a bad thing. Keep praying and look to God. He will provide us with what we need.

"We never know how strong we are, until strong is the only choice we have"-Unknown

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