Thursday, February 10, 2011


So, its been a few days since I updated. Things are going. We went down to the VA today for the psych appt and ended up getting in to see B's regular doctor too. He was offically diagonsed with PTSD. We knew thats what was mostly wrong, but its nice to have the diagonses. He will be getting more appointments for alcohol abuse, the PTSD, and job counseling. So, that was a good part of today. It was interesting taking the toddler. Unfortunitly, this meant no nap. But, Miss Roo did awesome. She finally broke down after about 4 hours while we were waiting for B's prescriptions. I took her to the car and we watched Dora. Then we drove around for a little bit and tried to get stuck in the 2 feet of snow.

Oh, yeah. We are still fighting with record amounts of snow we got Wednesday morning. At our house, we got about 25 inches. Its crazy. Our Dixie Dog can hardly be seen in the snow. She doesn't really like it. However, Baylee, our yellow lab, thinks it is the coolest thing ever. It is so much fun to watch them play in it. I got some excersise digging out the car so we could get to the VA today. It took about 20 minutes. But the car does awesome. We had no issues, but we drove pretty slow and steady.

Another great thing that has happened since the last time I updated. I won a diaper from Joana Weber, the Doopsy lady. So excited! I have never won a diaper and I think these ones will be great for the new baby. I also got some covers I bought off Fluff Swappers. They were from a lady in Canada. Some Blueberry OS covers. I had bought 2 from her, because I didn't really have the money for all three. When I opened them, there were 3. So I emailed her to see what happened, and told her I would pay for the extra one. She said, no, she just put it in there for me. So sweet. Really made my day today. And the covers look like they are in great shape. Good neutral colors and they have double gussets. Can't wait to use them tomorrow.

Oh, one last thing and I better go to bed. B had a job interview the other night! Just a phone one, but they said someone would be in touch. It was with an armored car company. And our friend text him tonight and said he may have a temporary job building fences. But it pays cash. So, it would be okay. I wish his back would be better before he started that physical labor, but we will do what we gotta do.

I want to take a minute to thank God for everything. Yes, this is going to be rough, but He has already shown us that things will be okay. We are working on a better relationship with each other and as a family.

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