Friday, February 4, 2011

Day 3

Well, I was stuck at home again today. But, it was a good thing, cause the snow started about 10 am and hasn't stopped. So, if I would have gone to work, I would have had to turn right around and come back. And, we were able to get our taxes done. We didn't get as much as we had hoped, but pretty good considering my tax stuff at work was filled out wrong and nothing was taken out. So, not complaining at all.

We have probably gotten about 6 inches of snow today. That may be the most in several decades for this area. And its still falling. The roads were not too bad earlier when we got out, but I guess they are getting worse the later it gets. Glad I am home in my nice cozy house, with DH cooking us dinner.

All in all, another pretty good day. Big plans for tomorrow include trying to get milk. Oh yeah, its an exciting life.

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