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Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Today I went to court to be with one of my clients. I showed up at 1 pm, like I told her I would. I had told her to be there then, and we would go over what she could expect. At 1:25, I finally sat down in the court room. She was called 3 times and her protection order was dismissed due to fail to appear. She finally showed up aroun 1:50 and couldn't understand what happened. She blamed everything on her mom, who was her ride. I know she wanted this order to be permenent, I just can't understand why she wouldn't try harder to be to court on time. I should have known this would happen, though, because she has missed other appointments and is kind of flighty. I am so disappointed. In her being late, in the way she talked to her mother. I wanted her to be more on top of this, since she was violated. I guess I am just mad because I so wanted her to get this approved. I wanted to see her stand up to him in open court. I wanted her to feel in charge for a moment. Ugh. I just hope he isn't stupid and threatens or hurts her.

I have another one coming up on Friday. I hope it goes better.

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