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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hubby gone

So the hubby is gone camping this week with friends from work. I don't know why I am missing him so much, I don't really get to see him during the week (or the weekend, truth be told), but I am. Maybe its because I get a break from getting up at 6 at least one day during the week, cause I get to leave Roo at home with him. Maybe its just worry about what exactly is going to go on out there. I don't know. But I miss him terrible. And I know he is going to be tired when he gets home, so no work out of him. And next week on 2 of his days off, he will be in Little Rock for a class. So basically, I get to see him a week from Saturday, if I am lucky. Great. And he wonders why I am so stressed out all of the time.

Oh, well. Back to work.

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