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Friday, June 25, 2010

Hadn't been able to post

So, I have been so busy this week and hadn't been able to post. We had a jury trial Monday and Tuesday and were out of the office. Wednesday was catchup and Thursday I had people in and out of the office all day. So I am finally back!

Anyways, I still have not won a contest but its not for lack of trying. I am an entering fool! The latest one is on Cloth Diaper Blog and is for 2 Knickernappies and choice of insert. These are cool looking diapers, with side snaps. Go take a look and tell them I sent you!

Also, I have been fighting some stinky with my diapers this week. I am awaiting a bag of Crunchy Clean and some RLR, and in the meantime, I am washing in Dawn and Vinegar. It is taking forever! I am hoping to lay them outside for a while this weekend, cause I also have some stains. Extra yuck. Wish me luck.

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