Thursday, June 3, 2010


Has anyone seen or heard about the info Pampers has recently put out stating that disposables are better for babies that cloth? What a load of crap. There is a thing going on right now about how the newest Pampers are causing babies to have chemical burns and all sorts of other problems. I have never heard of cotton causing this. Yeah, sometimes the detergent used can cause problems, but washing with more water usually takes care of it. We only use cloth part time (mostly at daycare and when Daddy is in charge), but I am done buying Pampers. I didn't really like the way they felt anyways and this is a great reason to make the switch back to Huggies.

I stripped my pockets last night. We had a little bit of repelling on the Haute Pockets and some smell residue, so I threw them all in with a little Dawn and ran 2 Whitest Whites, 2 Quick Washes on hot with extra rinse. I put the AIO's and inserts in the dryer this morning and they smelled wonderful. No smell really to them at all. I think we will be ready to go again for the weekend.

I am finding the more I cloth Diaper my monkey, the more diapers and kids I want. I hadn't talked to the hubby yet, but I am dying for another. And I can't stop buying them. Has anyone seen this website ? Awesome! They run one deal a day, and the items are at least half off. They just ran a Dream-eze AIO sale for $10.50 each! Thankfully, they were out of our size in one of the colors, so I only ordered 2. Yesterday, they ran a sale on squeaker shoes. I had to get a pair for Monkey and her cousin. So cute! And only $9.99!

Okay, better go. Blessed day to you all!

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